February 2017 Horoscope for Leo

The surrounding atmosphere pushes you beyond your usual limits, in all areas. Paradoxically, you will be more aware of what you want or not, but you will have the audacity to explore even situations that do not correspond a priori to what you want. This opens the doors of the unusual and the discovery. Extending your horizons is a necessity, just as much as strengthening your individuality. What a challenge!

As a couple, passion will redouble and so much the better. You will want to commit yourself thoroughly and swear fidelity ad vitam aeternam. The trouble is that you will also be jealous and possessive. Your partner will be taken aback by so much suspicion. Expect, then, in spite of your fine sentiments, at an eventful period when you will be obliged to appeal to your reason!

You will feel very excited! Be careful, you may blow the fuses! At work, the new rules you have managed to impose will allow you to take a big step forward. Stay alert, we will try to set up barriers in front of you, to test your tolerance. If a word burns your tongue, let it go but beware of the return of flames!

You risk making unnecessary expenses throughout this period. Jupiter in appearance with Mars will give you the madness of grandeur. If you had managed to make some savings, they could melt like snow in the sun. Yet, you will succeed in buckling the loop. Do not be surprised if the next few weeks are harder. So warned, you can certainly balance your follies.

1st decan: March from 8 February will be particularly aggressive in the family environment. Attention to extreme situations and disputes … The general atmosphere will be rather electric and the slightest word or attitude could take disproportionate proportions … Be zen and let the storm pass because everything should return in order in the last part of the month . 2nd decan: A nice and pleasant train without storms or storms … This is what awaits you in this quite peaceful period that does not represent obstacles to a good family relationship … Unless there are contrary clues to your personal theme! 3rd Decan: Everything seems to unfold as you wish with the plethora of planets that seem to want you to be good! Love will take a very important place during this blooming period when harmony will reign! Family reunions will be very pleasant; Enjoy it to get closer to the people you love.

January 2018 Horoscope for Leo

The climate of this month of January looks serious, profound and studious overall. The quincunx of the Sun at your sign brings you an intense need for introspection, reflection. It is your strategy capabilities that benefit most from the planetary influx of the beginning of the year. You will spontaneously look at your projects and improve them accurately. The trine of Venus at your sign softens the climate of rigor to the planetary level. Which suggests an idealization of your desires, in all areas. You will be more distracted than usual, but it is to better build your dreams. Which can lead you, with perseverance, to high achievements.

1st Decan
From the 1st to the 9th, Mars makes you passionate, enterprising, you live with the loved ones moments of a rare intensity. Your complicity puts you on the same wavelength when it comes to making a decision or making a choice for the future. While sparing yourself time for your leisure, you are devoted to others, available for your children who require special attention. If you are alone, from 9 to 17, you meet or deepen a bond of friendship in your workplace.
2nd decan
From the 10th, you appear confident, Jupiter inspires you with a good enthusiasm, you are reassured about the feelings that the loved one carries to you which is otherwise very generous, attentive and protective. This reassures you because weary of putting everything on your shoulders, you need that we take care of you, that we worry more about what you are experiencing. On the 17th, you clearly express your wishes, you speak openly with your partner, you are up to 25 in full osmosis.
3rd decan
Until 9, the Mercure-Venus duo makes you live intense moments of complicity, you express yourself on delicate subjects that usually scare you. The 3rd and 4th are on this subject two days full of depth, of sincerity, you verbalise your anxieties more easily because a climate of confidence has settled. Around the 28th, Mars and Pluto meet, you are at the end of the month ready to put an end to a loving, friendly relationship that no longer suits you.

1st Decan
Until the 9th, you assume to yourself a mass of work exceptional. You make decisions, organize, decide with the will to do well. From 10 to 17, you sign a contract, you have interesting contacts with a superior or a partner. If you are looking for a job, the full moon of the 25 opens you new horizons.
2nd decan
From 9 to 23, you probably live one of the most important and most rewarding periods of the year. You get a promotion, you get a good recognition from a superior, an audience, a clientele. Capable of all daring, you are ambitious and determined not to stop you in such good way.
3rd decan
You try to improve your working conditions by submitting ideas, trying to dust off the old habits that prevent your industry from evolving. Mars restarts your decan from the 23rd, it is probably at this moment that you are most able to undertake great changes. You will be heard and followed from the 25th.

1st Decan
As a backdrop, your earnings trend is good, but March through 9 causes you to spend more than enough to reach the limits of your budget dangerously. From the 10th to the 17th, you have business acumen, which helps you to better handle all your financial negotiations. You get solid advice and support.
2nd decan
If Jupiter watches over you, he does not dismiss all dangers. You engage your responsibility in a financial approach, a major purchase that can be significant for the future. The 26th is the day that involves the greatest risk in this matter, so it is advisable to follow the path of wisdom.
3rd decan
In the first fortnight, you ensure that you meet your payment deadlines as consistently and regularly as possible. You are trying to improve your financial conditions by making savings wherever you can. The second fortnight, you do not rule out the possibility of working overtime or finding complementary work.

1st Decan
Eve’s have not spared you, you are horrified at the sight of your balance, which is why you put yourself in the head of doing sports in order to try to eliminate some calories. From 10 to 17, you start a diet because you feel too badly in your body and your head.
2nd decan
You become aware of the importance of your health capital, you try to organize your schedule accordingly in order to spare yourself. Under the impulse of Mars, from the 9th you are considering the practice of a sport, with little conviction

Leo Horoscope 2017 Months per Month

It is the perfect osmosis, your hearts beat in unison. What luck ! Your couple will envy. If you have children, you will give them all your time, privileging moments of great complicity. The year 2017 will be favorable to moves. The bachelors will find the soul mate but caution, do not go headlong.

This is your year. It’s not too soon. This does not mean that you can sit back and wait for luck, but that everything you do will succeed. Numerous and fruitful contacts, interesting and fulfilling projects. Your loved ones will appreciate your responsible and audacious temperament.

Happy New Year to recharge your batteries, adopt a different lifestyle, based on balance both physically and morally. Better in your skin, you will give fishing to your surroundings. A few sessions of massages will help you to alleviate pain in the back.

You will feel it at the beginning of the year: everything will start to get better. All your problems should abruptly be annihilated. Money problems will soon be forgotten. The planet of luck will be at your door and will grant you its good graces.

Profile of the astrological sign Lion

You are perhaps the “superb and generous Lion” of V. Hugo. But do not take the big head! Pride could quickly become your worst enemy. It is true that you have all the strings to your bow to succeed, the Sun reigning supreme in his home of the Lion. You may have to be wary of your ideas, which sometimes touch the excesses; Even if you have some ease to undertake, your bets are not won in advance. You would tend to set goals beyond what you have to achieve them. Utopia? The future will tell you. In general, you manage to put yourself forward without losing the esteem of others. You are in a position to hold a socially rewarding status by inspiring if not fear, at least respect. How could it be otherwise? You have inevitably the ambition to lead, to be the one who is undulating. But if you do not manage to rule out this obsession to be recognized, this attitude risks turning into a drama: like the artist alone on stage who declaims an elegy in front of empty chairs.

Color: yellow-orange
Metal: gold
Gemstone: diamond
Perfume: lavender

You are not particularly greedy. But eating remains for you a pleasure. Your vegetables? Cucumbers, spinach, watercress, turnips and green beans. You like citrus fruits, apples, red currants. In general, you eat everything even if you prefer light meat to fish. As you are some oenologist, you will easily spend for a vintage wine.
You are rather good living, and accommodating at table. Your presence is always pleasant. Communicative and good group animator, you spread the good mood around you and you love the big tables where all the guests meet … to listen to you! You also like to shine in the social evenings or the annual dinners to conclude the year in beauty. This is part of your need to be highlighted. And you know how to present yourself in your best light.