May 2018 horoscope for Leo

A COMPLETE LIFE! But good ! First of all a dynamic Mars that will give you bite and promote your most audacious attempts. A vibrant and communicative Mercury that will facilitate your exchanges and allow you to exploit your intellectual abilities. If you work in a trade of communication, sales or teaching you will seem very advantageous! And to finish a seductive Venus that will awaken your seductive power, will make you more sociable and attractive. Some of you will enjoy an artistic activity or others will privilege their love life. There will be meeting in the air with Pluto which in the background gives you an inner power and a magnetic charm!

1st decan: You seem to doubt your feelings or those of your partner: your state of mind is not optimistic … Avoid envenoming things between May 8 and 20 with Mars that will make you more aggressive and suspicious. Household scenes or crises of jealousy are more frequent with this aspect. 2nd decan: Until April 29, Venus will make you very attractive and will thus promote an affective blooming. Your love exchanges will be made in a more attractive way; You will want to charm your partner and this one will be more loving or attentive … For singles it will be a period of encounters and seduction: enjoy! 3rd decan: An exciting month that will put you forward and that will allow for satisfactions. The exchanges (Mercury), the attraction (Mars) and the charm (Venus) meet in your area to make your life very pleasant! If your heart is alone you will have every chance to meet the soul mate … Enjoy intensely this rare time to make you love!

1st decan: Until May 24, you will lack concentration and you will have enormous difficulties to concretize your projects or to convince your interlocutors. Avoid important appointments during these few days. Between the 5th and the 10th of June Mercury will again become positive and allow you better results in your research or your work. 2nd decan: Some unpleasant unforeseen or misunderstandings between 24 and 30 May. Your judgment may be distorted or we will try to deceive you (May 28). From June 5, the Mercury / Venus tandem will make you particularly convincing and persuasive; You will know how to make you appreciate and you will have indisputable arguments … 3rd decade: Mercury blocks your exchanges and makes you more dizzy between 31 May and 5 June. Count on your charm to overcome some shortcomings. From June 15th to June 19th, you will enjoy a great social impact that will encourage you to exploit a talent or to make fruitful contacts.

1st decan: Jupiter in your solar home II (money) seems to protect you; According to your personal theme this position could even bring a notable chance or a strong return of money. In the expectation, choose the period from June 5 to 10 to make decisions because your judgment will be clearer. 2nd decan: A fairly protected area on the whole; Where luck will not be absent. However, avoid the period from 24 to 30 May to sign a contract or commit money because your judgment will be distorted and we may try to deceive you … 3rd decan: You are in a promising phase with Pluto in the background Which promises an extraordinary chance in the coming months … For now, there will be opportunities and facilities until June 4th. You will have the opportunity to negotiate an agreement or earn a sum of money.

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