March 2017 Horoscope for leo

Venus is still in the area of ​​your partnerships until 12 March and this should continue to encourage loving contacts. You will feel more confident and ready to take the first step or engage in a new relationship. You will be looking for cooperation and will flee any conflict. Show yourself more humble in your relations with your colleagues and do not refuse their collaboration. The teamwork should be favorable to you and could even bring you additional earnings!

A bit of tact …
If you belong to the first decan, the conjunction Venus-Uranus puts the first days of the month in delicacy with your partner. The agreement between you is electric and you have trouble communicating. If you are single, the conjuncture allows you to make a meeting under the sign of passion. From the 5th, Mercury becomes a valuable ally that once again opens the dialogue with the beloved. You are confident to express your feelings, but also your wishes, your anxieties, your anxieties. On the 22nd, the entry of Venus in Aries, a sign in harmony with yours, brings you even closer to your partner and constitutes a serious boost in order to consolidate the meeting earlier this month. Native of the second decan, you let yourself go alongside your spouse, you have full confidence in his love. A beautiful and tender complicity unites you. If you belong to the last decan, you put a lot of time into your work: therefore, you are very unavailable for your spouse, your family or your children. Your mood is changing, you live badly this situation, but you must resolve it until the thinning announced from the 22nd. At the same time, for all native, Mars invests and energizes your relational sector as of the 20th: you deploy A great energy for others, especially for the loved one, as well as for your friends.

Jupiter-Saturn Dissonance warns you until the 22nd. If your enthusiasm leads you to take professional risks, you do not have enough guarantees or experience to carry out a project: you are not Position of strength to invest you alone in a job creation. From 5, you make contacts, you discuss with your supervisors your working conditions, you negotiate even an increase (towards the 10). On the 20th, if your activity allows, you are considering the opportunity of a professional association with a member of your family. If you are looking for a job, you send your CVs with conviction, and you are right! You will get a favorable response on 12 April for an imminent engagement. Native of the third decan, you lack efficiency, your superiors reproach you your distraction, your lack of concentration. Yet, your many responsibilities and the workload you have to perform are impressive.

The Sun (your planet) evolves until the 21st in a silver sign. This configuration is beneficial if you need external help to get a loan or a financing. Ask a financial specialist about possible investments. If you belong to the first decan, it is perhaps also thanks to the partner that you can pretend to a comfort of life more than satisfactory. From the 5th, your means are more important, either by lowering your expenses or more likely thanks to an increase granted by your superiors. Nevertheless, you know your limits, and you are careful not to go beyond them; But your quality of life is also important to you and you do what it takes to make it fit your desires.

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