june 2018 monthly horoscope for leo

It will be in your interest to show you agreeable with someone in your professional circle on the 1st. But do not force yourself to act against your feelings. You will probably be asked to share your knowledge and your information. 3. March will enter your sign on the 9th and you will feel energized and more determined than ever. You may be tempted by exchanges of loving emails but beware. This may lead you nowhere and bring you frustrations!


1st decan: The first week of the month will be the most striking; Venus together with Jupiter will encourage encounters and testimonies in love. An ideal time to receive a request in marriage! You will feel very well in your skin and you will have hardly any effort to make you appreciate! The rest of the month will be pleasant too and the sky should remain clear yet … 2nd decan: You enter a very full phase that will last several months. Jupiter will settle in your opposite sign and for many of you it will be the meeting of the future husband or an affective legalization. The spouse will occupy an important place in your existence. This month, the most favorable time for meetings will be between June 6th and June 14th. 3rd decan: Saturn always blocks your emotional bloom. Mars will take over in the first half of the month making the period more tense in your exchanges in love … There will be some gnashing of teeth or crises of jealousies. But everything should flourish in the second half of the month with Venus and Mercury that will promote communication … See also your 2018 yearly prediction for leo


1st decan: Open your eyes between June 5th and 11th: this will be the best time of the month to make appointments or take a job interview. With a backdrop that suggests you collaborate and socially open up, you will have every chance this month to play your relational to achieve your goals! 2nd decan: Opportunities and opportunities to be seized through others; You will have to show less personal or directive because this month the others will play an important part! So, take advantage of it and above all demonstrate team spirit to succeed. Between 12 and 19 June, Mercury will be your best ally to favor an agreement or a signature. 3rd decan: Aggressiveness around you in the first part of the month: be more flexible in your human relations … Everything should return in order over the weeks … Do not undertake anything important and postpone your Since from June 20, Mercure will prove very favorable for your business and professional exchanges.


1st decan: You will have the soul a little spendthrift … Desires to please or to please you itch but study your possibilities well before you let yourself be guided by your feelings. Your impulsiveness could play you tricks. Overall this month should keep you in a balanced situation (unless there are contrary clues to your personal theme). 2nd Decan: Contact with the law or the signing of an advantageous contract could prove fruitful in the months to come. You may be offered an association, some form of partnership: be open and know again that luck could come through the others … 3rd decan: The period will usually be quite tense and could also influence your financial life . When in doubt, caution is advised, Saturn does not bode well for an expansion … If you need to make an appointment with your banker or apply for financing choose instead the second part of the month that will be more serene.

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