july 2018 monthly horoscope for leo

You bite life to the fullest! March of passage on your natal Sun will give a new impulse to your existence and awaken in you a feeling of intense living. You will take things in hand and you will not let yourself be influenced, with Mercury that will take over and will make you particularly lively on the mental plane … In parallel, Venus always present in a friendly sign, will embellish you and add to your natural charisma A very attractive note! No one will resist you and your breathtaking charm will reflect on the greatest number …

1st decan: You are a little forgotten by the planets on the affective plane but the friendly life could take a very important place in your existence. Be sure to recognize your friends and accept the invitations because you will spend some very pleasant moments or seduction will not be missing … 2nd decan: You will seem very emotionally inspired with Venus which sends its magnetic rays between July 5th and 21st! Your charm will be powerful and you will have many admirers. For couples already formed, it will be a romantic rapprochement with the certainty of happiness … Neptune makes you romantic on June 13 … 3rd decan: Until July 4, sensuality, charm will predominate with opportunities for encounters and especially shared pleasures . For some, Pluto will awaken new sentiments and perhaps a devouring passion (July 3). Enjoy and enjoy each moment …

1st decan: A very interesting month that should allow you to score a point in your professional situation. First, March between June 24 and July 9, which will give you a great energy and especially a beautiful audacity to force things. Mercury then, between the 4th and the 10th of July, will amplify your power of persuasion; You will have indisputable arguments but beware of too authoritarian behavior. 2nd decan: You will not lack determination and ideas to reach your objectives from July 10: the Mercure-Mars tandem on your Sun will make you particularly confident and enterprising … But do not go too far because you tend to Forgetting others and too much wanting to impose you. You may be blinded around July 13 and July 16 (natives around August 7). 3rd decan: A phase quite serene overall with a Mercury that will awaken your curiosity and facilitate professional contacts from July 17th. If you are born around August 13th, Pluto will offer you a great adventure or you will be on the road to success …

1st decan: A first part of month quite neutral but then facilities underneath! Nothing exceptional of course but a more generous tendency … So much the better because the holidays are there and for you they always represent a period of dream to show your generosity and to please those you love. !

2nd decan: Possible excesses at the beginning of the month; You will have difficulty controlling your craving for spending … But the chance remains very present in this sector and the situation should reverse very profitably in the last part of the month … You may receive a surprise or a gift that will fill you Happiness!

3rd decan: You will have some difficulty maintaining your financial equilibrium … You will let yourself be guided too by a kind of buying frenzy and hardly resist the impulse … You are perhaps right: a bit of madness from time to time does not Does not hurt … But it will then have to assume its responsibilities!

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