February 2017 Horoscope for Leo

The surrounding atmosphere pushes you beyond your usual limits, in all areas. Paradoxically, you will be more aware of what you want or not, but you will have the audacity to explore even situations that do not correspond a priori to what you want. This opens the doors of the unusual and the discovery. Extending your horizons is a necessity, just as much as strengthening your individuality. What a challenge!

As a couple, passion will redouble and so much the better. You will want to commit yourself thoroughly and swear fidelity ad vitam aeternam. The trouble is that you will also be jealous and possessive. Your partner will be taken aback by so much suspicion. Expect, then, in spite of your fine sentiments, at an eventful period when you will be obliged to appeal to your reason!

You will feel very excited! Be careful, you may blow the fuses! At work, the new rules you have managed to impose will allow you to take a big step forward. Stay alert, we will try to set up barriers in front of you, to test your tolerance. If a word burns your tongue, let it go but beware of the return of flames!

You risk making unnecessary expenses throughout this period. Jupiter in appearance with Mars will give you the madness of grandeur. If you had managed to make some savings, they could melt like snow in the sun. Yet, you will succeed in buckling the loop. Do not be surprised if the next few weeks are harder. So warned, you can certainly balance your follies.

1st decan: March from 8 February will be particularly aggressive in the family environment. Attention to extreme situations and disputes … The general atmosphere will be rather electric and the slightest word or attitude could take disproportionate proportions … Be zen and let the storm pass because everything should return in order in the last part of the month . 2nd decan: A nice and pleasant train without storms or storms … This is what awaits you in this quite peaceful period that does not represent obstacles to a good family relationship … Unless there are contrary clues to your personal theme! 3rd Decan: Everything seems to unfold as you wish with the plethora of planets that seem to want you to be good! Love will take a very important place during this blooming period when harmony will reign! Family reunions will be very pleasant; Enjoy it to get closer to the people you love.

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