August 2018 – monthly horoscope for leo

Let go and celebrate love! A somewhat confusing period with contradictory aspects. Saturn and Mercury block your exchanges and slow down your business until August 4th. But in parallel, Mars will give you an incredible strength and a great desire to surpass you … Venus always present in a friend sign will come to bring its reward or the concretization of a meeting in April (native of the 2nd decan). And when Mars binds with Venus in the month of August, the feelings will take on a passionate aspect. If you are still single, you will have a great chance of falling in love ….

1st decan: A month on the whole fairly light and pleasant. A loving desire could be realized between 16 and 24 August! This will be the best time of the month to seduce and especially get closer to your partner. This one will be more attentive and affectionate! And for those who are still single it will be a good time for meetings …

2nd decan: A feature that will make you magnetic … Relationships in the couple will be easier thanks to excellent communication and warm exchanges … Jupiter will make you more sociable and open in your sociable life. Take advantage of it to fill your address book and if you are looking for the soul mate bet on the last week of the month to ignite the heart of a beautiful stranger …

3rd decan: You will feel a little more about you this month … Even if Saturn in the background still blocks you a bit and makes you more lonely. At the beginning of the month you will have the opportunity to clarify a situation and to find the dialogue in your couple. The Sun will then enhance your impact on others and make you more radiant!

1st decan: An excellent month that pushes you to take up a challenge and that leads you to success. Do not waste time and go! Until May 24 Mercury will facilitate an agreement or the signing of an advantageous contract. Take advantage of the last part of May to set your benchmarks … 2nd decan: Saturn will support you and push you to establish your professional situation (born before August 5): and your long-term projects … For all, the action will be Bearer of satisfactions, then go and dare! In the background the chance will soon point the tip of his nose! A flat if you were born around August 5, Neptune could blur your judgment on May 28 (avoid important decisions). 3rd decan: Successful interviews and easy contacts between August 31 and September 5: you will not lack arguments and persuasion! Then Mars will boost you and boost your professional life from 8 September; It will be time to take things in hand and act!

A very promising month on the whole: you will be able to make the right choices and get fruitful results. The return of Jupiter augurs a phase of luck and facilities … If you waited for a sum of money you will have a pleasant surprise in the latter part of August. 2nd decan: No worries on this side: time is working for you and the coming months will be particularly lucky. For the time being, this month will seem quite easy without any real problem (unless there are contrary indications of your personal theme). 3rd Decan: Venus in your solar home II (money, possessions) will focus on your possibilities and encourage unexpected cash flows … Do not deduce that you can afford all daring; But the good manager that you are will know how to make intelligently grow his …

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