April 2018 horoscope for Leo

Mercury Exchanges and Communications will park in your sign throughout the period; It will be an ideal time to take steps and to make new contacts. The natives of the 3rd decan will be especially favored. Venus will make you more attractive from 4 April … In conclusion this period will be rich and very lively: take advantage of it to make new contacts and especially to make your relations play! The natives of the 1st decan will finally free themselves from the weight of Saturn which seemed to block their expansion or their joy: the months to come will finally be lighter!

1st decan: You seem to doubt your feelings or those of your partner: your state of mind is not optimistic … Avoid envenoming things between April 8 and 20 with Mars that will make you more aggressive and suspicious. Household scenes or crises of jealousy are more frequent with this aspect. 2nd decan: Until April 29, Venus will make you very attractive and will thus promote an affective blooming. Your love exchanges will be made in a more attractive way; You will want to charm your partner and this one will be more loving or attentive … For singles it will be a period of encounters and seduction: enjoy! 3rd decan: An exciting month that will put you forward and that will allow for satisfactions. The exchanges (Mercury), the attraction (Mars) and the charm (Venus) meet in your area to make your life very pleasant! If your heart is alone you will have every chance to meet the soul mate … Enjoy intensely this rare time to make you love!

1st decan: Saturn is always present but you can rejoice because it leaves you definitely next month. This month again you will suffer its restrictive influence (especially if you are born at the end of decan) which blocks your projects and your achievements. Avoid getting discouraged and approach the difficulties serenely between 8 and 20 April. 2nd decan: Nothing special this month on your natal Sun but know that other planets in your personal theme could influence your professional life. If you are in possession of your personal theme read the horoscope of your natal Mercury for example. 3rd decan: This is a very interesting phase with the Mercury tandem, Venus, which promotes contacts and intellectual life. If you practice in the commercial field you can expect exceptional results! Mars will also be very dynamic and especially carrying a clear improvement in your work: so go ahead and dare because everything will succeed.

1st decan: A sector always a little delicate; With Saturn in the background, the period seems not conducive to financial expansion. However, those born before April 28 appear to be more protected. Be all, careful in your spending and know that next month the sky will be more clement! 2nd decan: A still very neutral period … Nothing to say special about your natal Sun! Avoid, however, to be overly confident because this neutrality does not promise a particular chance … Be reasonable and especially provident! 3rd Decan: Mercury will bring back to the surface of the opportunities of the previous month; You will have the opportunity to make a deal or multiply your income. Abroad could be a new source of income or bring you an improvement. Open your eyes and seize your chances around April 1st!

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