Latest Nostradamus predictions for 2018

Nostradamus’s prophecies do not circumvent the year 2018. Nostradamus was born in Saint Rémy de Provence in southern France on December 14, 1503, and was a famous physician, cabalist and French pharmacist, and his celebrity was due to the work “Les Propheties” The first edition appeared in 1555. The works of Nostradamus are made from the doines.

In his prophecies, Nostradamus claims that by 2020 all people will die, and in Europe there will appear a “satanic arc of anger,” a time machine, this “satanic arc” being the Great Gene Accelerator in Geneva Collider-LHC) or ballistic missiles. Also, check the website and read about the psychic world prophecy 2018 in detail.

In 1555, physician and renaissance humanist Michel de Nostredame shook the world with the publication of the first edition of his book Les Prophéties, containing a series of predictions in the form of ” Today, almost 70% of his visions are believed to have been verified in practice, including those related to four-century events since his death in 1566.

Napoleon, Hitler, or even Kennedy were decoded as characters of fateful catastrophes, while events such as annihilation, World War II, or Sept. 11, 2001 seem to have been intrigued by this formidable clairvoyant.

The “Apocalypse” of the Russian monk Rasputin also passed. He announced, in 1914, that the end of the world would be 23 August 2018. Some are amused, but others take seriously the predictions about the end of the world.

In anticipation of the cataclysm predicted by the Mayans on December 21, 2012, 4 billion dollars have been spent on the entire planet: bunkers, talismans, survival kits.

In our opinion, according to a poll conducted by the Romanian Institute for Evaluation and Strategy, almost 50% of Romanians think there will be an end of the world in the future, and 72% believe in the Last Judgment.

Here are some other predictions that have been made for this year and next, but it is not excluded that others will appear, as notes.

Nostradamus: 2018 will begin the Third World War

In Nostradamus’ predictions, the renowned French physician and pharmacist who wrote the prophecies and predicted great events in the world, are grabbing many dangers in 2018.

Interpreters of his works claim that he had visions that 2018 marks the start of World War III and four presidents will be assaulted at the same time.

According to Nostradamus, the war will take place until 2016, and an apocalyptic scenario will dominate the entire Mankind, which eventually ends up in self-destruction.

Scandinavian mythology and the end of the world

Also in 2018, according to Scandinavian mythology, some researchers have announced that Ragnarok, Judgment Day or Curiosity will take place, the last battle of gods and monsters, during which the current world will be perishing.

Brotherhood members of the Brotherhood of God believe that a new “Revelation” will come in four years. The prediction was made as soon as it was found that the Earth is still spinning despite the end of the Mayan calendar, writes

Brotherhood members are firmly convinced that the end of the world will come in 2017 because, they say, Archangel Gabriel confessed this.

Only the members of this brother will survive and will have to repopulate the planet, says The Sun. “All the rest will perish in the fires of Hell.”

Before 2038. Greenpeace predicts massive famine as a result of uncontrolled population growth. The Environmental Association has warned that polar ice caps will melt, and floods that follow will cause massive destruction.

Thousands of plant and animal species will be extinct in2060

Sir Isaac Newton, a scientist in the United Kingdom, analyzed the Bible for 50 years because he believed that there are secret laws of God for the universe.

He believed that the end of the world would happen in 2060, his contemporaries said.

However, there are no Newton papers in which a study conclusion is mentioned.

Lucky chinese signs in 2018, year of the dog

February 16, 2018 marked the entrance of the world in the sign of the Dog.
According to Chinese astrology, the Dog is an enthusiastic and fiery animal. 2018 should therefore take place under the sign of the action. More reasonable and the less fiery of the other elements of the sign (wood, fire, earth, metal, water), the wooden Dog is a reasonable optimist, capable of great positive changes, even in the darkest moments.

It is therefore a very dynamic and constructive year that is opening before us.

Worldwide: The previous years of the Dog have been marked by great events that have marked history, such as the fall of the Berlin Wall, the end of the 1st World War or the release of Nelson Mandela.

On a personal level, and for most signs of the Chinese zodiac, the pace will be much faster than last year (year of the water snake). Decisions and projects will be realized much more quickly, and the events could succeed at high speed in 2018.

LOVE-FAMILY: The inconveniences of your work will also be felt in your life of couple, which could tend to weaken if you are not careful. The period could indeed be trying for both. However, you and your spouse are strong, and you know how to discern the evil from outside, that you will need to root out to return to happier times. The family atmosphere will be alleviated, and you will be able to appreciate this moment of appeasement.

Then you will have a compelling need to take advantage of it to change the banality of the routine, and to evolve the relationship towards more complicity. You could also bring a new touch in the sexuality of your couple, a little fantasy and new games … Your half will love!

FOR CELIBATAIRES: pleasant meeting, provided you invest a little more in this quest. Opportunities will multiply until the fall. For those who will have stayed by the side of the road during this year of the horse, the Chinese horoscope for 2018 indicates that they could well cross a last flat quarter … single dragon friends, do not wait a second moreover to leave your home and go to meet others (sign up for theater classes, cooking, go out with your friends!)!

SILVER-WORK: You will have to show a lot of perseverance and tenacity in this Chinese Dog Year 2018. Few things will be done in ease in your professional life. You will have to give an increasingly solid base to your status, as well as to the smooth running of the structure in which you operate. This period will not necessarily come under the best auspices. However, your voluntary reaction, with a good discernment of the situation and your determination, will limit the damage. Even if you will know real moments of uncertainty and some unpleasant surprises … it will be as many pitfalls as you will solve by throwing yourself body and soul into your work.

Then, towards the second half of 2018, a thinning will appear, but not enough to announce the end of the turbulence. This will give you enough respite to allow you to have a more objective vision and a stronger judgment. You can then make the right decisions and consider new initiatives to end the climate of instability and uncertainty in your work environment. In the future, be more careful to avoid traps and avoid banana peels! Learn not to trust yourself as easily as before. Trust, especially in the workplace, it must take time to win!