Compatibility: male aquarius and female fish

Aquarius man and woman Pisces can quite live a great love story. They will have to learn to make some concessions and take into consideration the deep needs of their partner to achieve it.

Between them, things start off pretty well because they have a lot of similarities. They have the same propensity to dream their lives. Aquarius is attracted by the fragility and sweetness of the Pisces woman. He loves everything in her: her little side childish woman, her intuition, her sensitivity to skin.

On her side, Madame Poissons feels infinitely well in the arms of Aquarius. Romantic, poet to wish, the Aquarius knows how to make of their encounters moments unforgettable and magic. She was the ideal man she had imagined, sensitive and tender.

Over time, things are often a bit more complicated but their couple can quite achieve a nice balance.

Aquarius will feel the soul of a protector with his partner. It can give him a certain affective security, stable benchmarks. She generally admires her freedom, her detachment from constraints. At her side, she does not risk getting bored. He likes to surprise her, to destabilize her a little. It will also bring him the opening on the outside that he sometimes lacks. Madame Poissons is sometimes not very confident in her abilities, which can prevent her from daring, to meet new people.

Unfortunately, the Aquarius native can sometimes tend to neglect his partner a little, for want of independence but also for thirst for novelty. It will then take the native of Pisces a good dose of understanding to live with a man with behavior sometimes a Little casual. In the long run, it could be a source of suffering in her. The Pisces native needs marks of tenderness, gratitude, proofs of love. Aquarius sometimes tends to forget it. This is what can tip their couple.

If the Pisces native does not find in her relationship the consideration and affection she needs, she may well turn away from herself rather than flee. The risk ? That his attitude pushes his companion thirsting for relational to always seek more attention outward.

So that they do not get there, they will have to learn to spare time in common, to preserve their tender complicity of departure. They can also rely on their common qualities to achieve a certain harmony of love.

Madame Poissons’ sensitivity, understanding and benevolence combined with the inventiveness and lively intelligence of her companion will be their best allies.

Special chinese horoscope 2017

See how the year of the rooster affects your life in 2017

On January 28th, the Chinese New Year will mark the beginning of the new Chinese year and thus a new cycle in Chinese astrology. It is indeed the sign of the Rooster of fire that will rule this year 2017, and will invite enormous success, spiritual awakening, but also more clairvoyance for all of us! If this proud and stubborn animal can bring great success to certain signs of the Chinese zodiac, it will not be the same for everyone, and some will face a year 2017 that will force them to question themselves on some their life. Others will benefit from a beautiful protection from the Chinese stars …

Are you one of the winning signs of this year’s Rooster of Fire? How will this sign centered on novelty impact your own sign? Thanks to our great Chinese horoscope 2017, you will be able to discover online, what you book this new year, full of promises of happiness and success, and that will reward all those who will be willing to leave their past behind, Concessions and to question themselves!

The Chinese horoscope Temporel offers you the opportunity to access a complete panorama of the 12 months to come. Love, family, money, or even influence of your birth element; You can find in our free Chinese horoscope a wealth of information, season by season, major trends to come, but also your own vitality and how you will approach this new cycle of your life …

Our specialist astrologers have created a Chinese horo 2017, rich in precision, that will deliver you the happiest periods during which to act, but will also indicate any pitfalls or missteps to avoid, as well as the opportunities to be seized!

Are you single and looking for great love? You have questions about the future of your union? The Chinese stars will bring you clear and precise answers, on how you will pass this year of the Rooster.
So do not wait any longer until we carefully review our great Chinese astrology 2017, which will be a real guide for you and will help you to pinpoint at a glance the big trends of your year 2017 monkey! The Chinese horoscope of the year? A must to not miss!

If we were to describe the cocks in a word: Conservatives. They are quick, practical and resourceful thinkers who prefer to focus on methods that have proven to be effective rather than taking complicated and unnecessary risks.

The sense of observation is the main force of the cock. It’s hard to let anything go to a Rooster, he has eyes behind his head! This quality explains why so many successful lawyers, neurosurgeons and accountants happen to be cocks.

Socially, they have no hesitation in telling the truth and keeping their word. Appearance and order are the key words of cocks. They want to be masters of the situation, especially their “appearance” and the surroundings.

In his relationships, the cock needs the right partner, the one who understands its fundamentally conservative nature. With the right person, the cock will be, for its partners, the most loyal and honest support; The one who will fold in four to please the beloved.

Roosters need to learn the value of the heart and soul as much as their good appearance. This sign would do as well to adopt the philosophy of “live and let live”. This will help this sign to learn to let other beings, whatever they are and whatever their appearance.

General trend
Do not be naive and gullible to the point of dishing out to get shameless dream merchants the allegedly winning numbers of the purely random games.

A meeting, quite unexpectedly, could take a very interesting turn for the singles.

Professional life
Prudence in the conduct of your profession.

Chinese horoscope 2017

The Chinese Year of the Rooster of Fire 2017 begins on January 28, 2017. Sign of dawn, sign of awakening, this year the triumph and success can only be won by sustained efforts and well oriented.

The new year 2017 is conditioned to the element Fire in its Yin form. The Yin Fire expresses inner warmth and clairvoyance, as well as the sweetness of intimacy and family ties. Forgotten thoughts arise suddenly, in an atmosphere sometimes disconcerting, at the same time rigid and carnival.

Specificities of the Years of Rooster

The Coq years are often periods mixing righteousness and justice, grandiloquence and logistical organization. Public and private administration, military careers and police trades are strongly favored.

The sign of the Rooster is devoid of a set of secondary elements, unlike most other signs of the Chinese zodiac. Like the Rat and the Rabbit, the Rooster is represented by only one element, while all the other signs contain several elements hidden in them. Therefore, the years governed by these three signs depend strongly on the main strength of the element to which they are initially attached.

Although the cycles of rotation of months, seasons and days constantly bring a diversity of energy flows of the 5 elements (Wu Xing), the presence of a predominant element governing the annual cycle is never very well seen in tradition Chinese.

Just as Feng Shui teaches us also, it is the balance of forces between the 5 elements that generates happiness and fulfillment. The one-element Signe-Animal lack of energy diversity intensifies the imbalances of the Wu Xing cyclical forces and those of the Chinese zodiac sign unique to each.

Therefore, it is advisable to be on your guard before you consider investing on a risky project during a year of Rooster.

Coq – intro

The Chinese Year of the COQ for the Rooster: do you hear the hymn of victory? It is evidently the crowing of the cock! Feel very concerned because this year 2017 is yours. Luck is with you but it will have to sniff, provoke, seize and enjoy. No question of passivity: the spirit of initiative and the nerve will pay off.

Your talents? They must be put forward. Your network? It must be developed and never hesitate to solicit it. So bet on the quality of your relationships and your ability to negotiate to win the winning ticket. It will nevertheless have to smooth out your excessive character on some points. Pay attention to your outspokenness: being more tactical and subtle will not make you less honest …
Do not try to be always right: the others also have a say and this can obviously serve you.
In short, develop the “know-like”, opportunism and never fail to be the woman of the situation!

Rooster – Heart

Love is very important in 2017. It could even occupy the front of your scene. There is no question of modesty or parading: you have to talk with your heart, prove your attachment, renew your oaths, do not commit yourself in half, you really invest in constructive projects for the couple and the family. Race, inflame, declare yourself! New honeymoon, full bloom, important family decisions: it’s in the air. A small flat anyway: all the pleasures of life will make you very envious and the good living in you will give to heart joy … Not too much point: remember that the excess is your small defect …

Rooster – Pregnant

If you are pregnant, you will benefit thoroughly! God it is good to be the center of all the attentions, to be able to gorge sweets, to yield to his desires without feeling guilty, to caress voluptuously this little round belly, to be able to avoid wearing heels and lighten his schedules Work … The little privileges of the pregnant woman will make you pink with pleasure and will quickly make you forget the various inconveniences that one knows too much.

Given the energy distribution of the 5 elements during the year 2017, it is preferable to start your projects during the autumn or during the last two weeks of each season. Indeed, the periods of end of the seasons are represented by the element Earth, very important element and useful for its stabilizing virtues, and especially during the years of Fire Cock.

This year’s combination of the Fire element with Metal intensifies the tensioning of other deficiency energies, creating periods unsuitable for change.

Love, Birth and Marriage

It’s a great year for new dating. However, relationships that could have been constructed over time will be shortened for reasons independent of the volo

August 2018 – monthly horoscope for leo

Let go and celebrate love! A somewhat confusing period with contradictory aspects. Saturn and Mercury block your exchanges and slow down your business until August 4th. But in parallel, Mars will give you an incredible strength and a great desire to surpass you … Venus always present in a friend sign will come to bring its reward or the concretization of a meeting in April (native of the 2nd decan). And when Mars binds with Venus in the month of August, the feelings will take on a passionate aspect. If you are still single, you will have a great chance of falling in love ….

1st decan: A month on the whole fairly light and pleasant. A loving desire could be realized between 16 and 24 August! This will be the best time of the month to seduce and especially get closer to your partner. This one will be more attentive and affectionate! And for those who are still single it will be a good time for meetings …

2nd decan: A feature that will make you magnetic … Relationships in the couple will be easier thanks to excellent communication and warm exchanges … Jupiter will make you more sociable and open in your sociable life. Take advantage of it to fill your address book and if you are looking for the soul mate bet on the last week of the month to ignite the heart of a beautiful stranger …

3rd decan: You will feel a little more about you this month … Even if Saturn in the background still blocks you a bit and makes you more lonely. At the beginning of the month you will have the opportunity to clarify a situation and to find the dialogue in your couple. The Sun will then enhance your impact on others and make you more radiant!

1st decan: An excellent month that pushes you to take up a challenge and that leads you to success. Do not waste time and go! Until May 24 Mercury will facilitate an agreement or the signing of an advantageous contract. Take advantage of the last part of May to set your benchmarks … 2nd decan: Saturn will support you and push you to establish your professional situation (born before August 5): and your long-term projects … For all, the action will be Bearer of satisfactions, then go and dare! In the background the chance will soon point the tip of his nose! A flat if you were born around August 5, Neptune could blur your judgment on May 28 (avoid important decisions). 3rd decan: Successful interviews and easy contacts between August 31 and September 5: you will not lack arguments and persuasion! Then Mars will boost you and boost your professional life from 8 September; It will be time to take things in hand and act!

A very promising month on the whole: you will be able to make the right choices and get fruitful results. The return of Jupiter augurs a phase of luck and facilities … If you waited for a sum of money you will have a pleasant surprise in the latter part of August. 2nd decan: No worries on this side: time is working for you and the coming months will be particularly lucky. For the time being, this month will seem quite easy without any real problem (unless there are contrary indications of your personal theme). 3rd Decan: Venus in your solar home II (money, possessions) will focus on your possibilities and encourage unexpected cash flows … Do not deduce that you can afford all daring; But the good manager that you are will know how to make intelligently grow his …

july 2018 monthly horoscope for leo

You bite life to the fullest! March of passage on your natal Sun will give a new impulse to your existence and awaken in you a feeling of intense living. You will take things in hand and you will not let yourself be influenced, with Mercury that will take over and will make you particularly lively on the mental plane … In parallel, Venus always present in a friendly sign, will embellish you and add to your natural charisma A very attractive note! No one will resist you and your breathtaking charm will reflect on the greatest number …

1st decan: You are a little forgotten by the planets on the affective plane but the friendly life could take a very important place in your existence. Be sure to recognize your friends and accept the invitations because you will spend some very pleasant moments or seduction will not be missing … 2nd decan: You will seem very emotionally inspired with Venus which sends its magnetic rays between July 5th and 21st! Your charm will be powerful and you will have many admirers. For couples already formed, it will be a romantic rapprochement with the certainty of happiness … Neptune makes you romantic on June 13 … 3rd decan: Until July 4, sensuality, charm will predominate with opportunities for encounters and especially shared pleasures . For some, Pluto will awaken new sentiments and perhaps a devouring passion (July 3). Enjoy and enjoy each moment …

1st decan: A very interesting month that should allow you to score a point in your professional situation. First, March between June 24 and July 9, which will give you a great energy and especially a beautiful audacity to force things. Mercury then, between the 4th and the 10th of July, will amplify your power of persuasion; You will have indisputable arguments but beware of too authoritarian behavior. 2nd decan: You will not lack determination and ideas to reach your objectives from July 10: the Mercure-Mars tandem on your Sun will make you particularly confident and enterprising … But do not go too far because you tend to Forgetting others and too much wanting to impose you. You may be blinded around July 13 and July 16 (natives around August 7). 3rd decan: A phase quite serene overall with a Mercury that will awaken your curiosity and facilitate professional contacts from July 17th. If you are born around August 13th, Pluto will offer you a great adventure or you will be on the road to success …

1st decan: A first part of month quite neutral but then facilities underneath! Nothing exceptional of course but a more generous tendency … So much the better because the holidays are there and for you they always represent a period of dream to show your generosity and to please those you love. !

2nd decan: Possible excesses at the beginning of the month; You will have difficulty controlling your craving for spending … But the chance remains very present in this sector and the situation should reverse very profitably in the last part of the month … You may receive a surprise or a gift that will fill you Happiness!

3rd decan: You will have some difficulty maintaining your financial equilibrium … You will let yourself be guided too by a kind of buying frenzy and hardly resist the impulse … You are perhaps right: a bit of madness from time to time does not Does not hurt … But it will then have to assume its responsibilities!

june 2018 monthly horoscope for leo

It will be in your interest to show you agreeable with someone in your professional circle on the 1st. But do not force yourself to act against your feelings. You will probably be asked to share your knowledge and your information. 3. March will enter your sign on the 9th and you will feel energized and more determined than ever. You may be tempted by exchanges of loving emails but beware. This may lead you nowhere and bring you frustrations!

1st decan: The first week of the month will be the most striking; Venus together with Jupiter will encourage encounters and testimonies in love. An ideal time to receive a request in marriage! You will feel very well in your skin and you will have hardly any effort to make you appreciate! The rest of the month will be pleasant too and the sky should remain clear yet … 2nd decan: You enter a very full phase that will last several months. Jupiter will settle in your opposite sign and for many of you it will be the meeting of the future husband or an affective legalization. The spouse will occupy an important place in your existence. This month, the most favorable time for meetings will be between June 6th and June 14th. 3rd decan: Saturn always blocks your emotional bloom. Mars will take over in the first half of the month making the period more tense in your exchanges in love … There will be some gnashing of teeth or crises of jealousies. But everything should flourish in the second half of the month with Venus and Mercury that will promote communication …

1st decan: Open your eyes between June 5th and 11th: this will be the best time of the month to make appointments or take a job interview. With a backdrop that suggests you collaborate and socially open up, you will have every chance this month to play your relational to achieve your goals! 2nd decan: Opportunities and opportunities to be seized through others; You will have to show less personal or directive because this month the others will play an important part! So, take advantage of it and above all demonstrate team spirit to succeed. Between 12 and 19 June, Mercury will be your best ally to favor an agreement or a signature. 3rd decan: Aggressiveness around you in the first part of the month: be more flexible in your human relations … Everything should return in order over the weeks … Do not undertake anything important and postpone your Since from June 20, Mercure will prove very favorable for your business and professional exchanges.

1st decan: You will have the soul a little spendthrift … Desires to please or to please you itch but study your possibilities well before you let yourself be guided by your feelings. Your impulsiveness could play you tricks. Overall this month should keep you in a balanced situation (unless there are contrary clues to your personal theme). 2nd Decan: Contact with the law or the signing of an advantageous contract could prove fruitful in the months to come. You may be offered an association, some form of partnership: be open and know again that luck could come through the others … 3rd decan: The period will usually be quite tense and could also influence your financial life . When in doubt, caution is advised, Saturn does not bode well for an expansion … If you need to make an appointment with your banker or apply for financing choose instead the second part of the month that will be more serene.

May 2018 horoscope for Leo

A COMPLETE LIFE! But good ! First of all a dynamic Mars that will give you bite and promote your most audacious attempts. A vibrant and communicative Mercury that will facilitate your exchanges and allow you to exploit your intellectual abilities. If you work in a trade of communication, sales or teaching you will seem very advantageous! And to finish a seductive Venus that will awaken your seductive power, will make you more sociable and attractive. Some of you will enjoy an artistic activity or others will privilege their love life. There will be meeting in the air with Pluto which in the background gives you an inner power and a magnetic charm!

1st decan: You seem to doubt your feelings or those of your partner: your state of mind is not optimistic … Avoid envenoming things between May 8 and 20 with Mars that will make you more aggressive and suspicious. Household scenes or crises of jealousy are more frequent with this aspect. 2nd decan: Until April 29, Venus will make you very attractive and will thus promote an affective blooming. Your love exchanges will be made in a more attractive way; You will want to charm your partner and this one will be more loving or attentive … For singles it will be a period of encounters and seduction: enjoy! 3rd decan: An exciting month that will put you forward and that will allow for satisfactions. The exchanges (Mercury), the attraction (Mars) and the charm (Venus) meet in your area to make your life very pleasant! If your heart is alone you will have every chance to meet the soul mate … Enjoy intensely this rare time to make you love!

1st decan: Until May 24, you will lack concentration and you will have enormous difficulties to concretize your projects or to convince your interlocutors. Avoid important appointments during these few days. Between the 5th and the 10th of June Mercury will again become positive and allow you better results in your research or your work. 2nd decan: Some unpleasant unforeseen or misunderstandings between 24 and 30 May. Your judgment may be distorted or we will try to deceive you (May 28). From June 5, the Mercury / Venus tandem will make you particularly convincing and persuasive; You will know how to make you appreciate and you will have indisputable arguments … 3rd decade: Mercury blocks your exchanges and makes you more dizzy between 31 May and 5 June. Count on your charm to overcome some shortcomings. From June 15th to June 19th, you will enjoy a great social impact that will encourage you to exploit a talent or to make fruitful contacts.

1st decan: Jupiter in your solar home II (money) seems to protect you; According to your personal theme this position could even bring a notable chance or a strong return of money. In the expectation, choose the period from June 5 to 10 to make decisions because your judgment will be clearer. 2nd decan: A fairly protected area on the whole; Where luck will not be absent. However, avoid the period from 24 to 30 May to sign a contract or commit money because your judgment will be distorted and we may try to deceive you … 3rd decan: You are in a promising phase with Pluto in the background Which promises an extraordinary chance in the coming months … For now, there will be opportunities and facilities until June 4th. You will have the opportunity to negotiate an agreement or earn a sum of money.

April 2018 horoscope for Leo

Mercury Exchanges and Communications will park in your sign throughout the period; It will be an ideal time to take steps and to make new contacts. The natives of the 3rd decan will be especially favored. Venus will make you more attractive from 4 April … In conclusion this period will be rich and very lively: take advantage of it to make new contacts and especially to make your relations play! The natives of the 1st decan will finally free themselves from the weight of Saturn which seemed to block their expansion or their joy: the months to come will finally be lighter!

1st decan: You seem to doubt your feelings or those of your partner: your state of mind is not optimistic … Avoid envenoming things between April 8 and 20 with Mars that will make you more aggressive and suspicious. Household scenes or crises of jealousy are more frequent with this aspect. 2nd decan: Until April 29, Venus will make you very attractive and will thus promote an affective blooming. Your love exchanges will be made in a more attractive way; You will want to charm your partner and this one will be more loving or attentive … For singles it will be a period of encounters and seduction: enjoy! 3rd decan: An exciting month that will put you forward and that will allow for satisfactions. The exchanges (Mercury), the attraction (Mars) and the charm (Venus) meet in your area to make your life very pleasant! If your heart is alone you will have every chance to meet the soul mate … Enjoy intensely this rare time to make you love!

1st decan: Saturn is always present but you can rejoice because it leaves you definitely next month. This month again you will suffer its restrictive influence (especially if you are born at the end of decan) which blocks your projects and your achievements. Avoid getting discouraged and approach the difficulties serenely between 8 and 20 April. 2nd decan: Nothing special this month on your natal Sun but know that other planets in your personal theme could influence your professional life. If you are in possession of your personal theme read the horoscope of your natal Mercury for example. 3rd decan: This is a very interesting phase with the Mercury tandem, Venus, which promotes contacts and intellectual life. If you practice in the commercial field you can expect exceptional results! Mars will also be very dynamic and especially carrying a clear improvement in your work: so go ahead and dare because everything will succeed.

1st decan: A sector always a little delicate; With Saturn in the background, the period seems not conducive to financial expansion. However, those born before April 28 appear to be more protected. Be all, careful in your spending and know that next month the sky will be more clement! 2nd decan: A still very neutral period … Nothing to say special about your natal Sun! Avoid, however, to be overly confident because this neutrality does not promise a particular chance … Be reasonable and especially provident! 3rd Decan: Mercury will bring back to the surface of the opportunities of the previous month; You will have the opportunity to make a deal or multiply your income. Abroad could be a new source of income or bring you an improvement. Open your eyes and seize your chances around April 1st!

March 2017 Horoscope for leo

Venus is still in the area of ​​your partnerships until 12 March and this should continue to encourage loving contacts. You will feel more confident and ready to take the first step or engage in a new relationship. You will be looking for cooperation and will flee any conflict. Show yourself more humble in your relations with your colleagues and do not refuse their collaboration. The teamwork should be favorable to you and could even bring you additional earnings!

A bit of tact …
If you belong to the first decan, the conjunction Venus-Uranus puts the first days of the month in delicacy with your partner. The agreement between you is electric and you have trouble communicating. If you are single, the conjuncture allows you to make a meeting under the sign of passion. From the 5th, Mercury becomes a valuable ally that once again opens the dialogue with the beloved. You are confident to express your feelings, but also your wishes, your anxieties, your anxieties. On the 22nd, the entry of Venus in Aries, a sign in harmony with yours, brings you even closer to your partner and constitutes a serious boost in order to consolidate the meeting earlier this month. Native of the second decan, you let yourself go alongside your spouse, you have full confidence in his love. A beautiful and tender complicity unites you. If you belong to the last decan, you put a lot of time into your work: therefore, you are very unavailable for your spouse, your family or your children. Your mood is changing, you live badly this situation, but you must resolve it until the thinning announced from the 22nd. At the same time, for all native, Mars invests and energizes your relational sector as of the 20th: you deploy A great energy for others, especially for the loved one, as well as for your friends.

Jupiter-Saturn Dissonance warns you until the 22nd. If your enthusiasm leads you to take professional risks, you do not have enough guarantees or experience to carry out a project: you are not Position of strength to invest you alone in a job creation. From 5, you make contacts, you discuss with your supervisors your working conditions, you negotiate even an increase (towards the 10). On the 20th, if your activity allows, you are considering the opportunity of a professional association with a member of your family. If you are looking for a job, you send your CVs with conviction, and you are right! You will get a favorable response on 12 April for an imminent engagement. Native of the third decan, you lack efficiency, your superiors reproach you your distraction, your lack of concentration. Yet, your many responsibilities and the workload you have to perform are impressive.

The Sun (your planet) evolves until the 21st in a silver sign. This configuration is beneficial if you need external help to get a loan or a financing. Ask a financial specialist about possible investments. If you belong to the first decan, it is perhaps also thanks to the partner that you can pretend to a comfort of life more than satisfactory. From the 5th, your means are more important, either by lowering your expenses or more likely thanks to an increase granted by your superiors. Nevertheless, you know your limits, and you are careful not to go beyond them; But your quality of life is also important to you and you do what it takes to make it fit your desires.

February 2017 Horoscope for Leo

The surrounding atmosphere pushes you beyond your usual limits, in all areas. Paradoxically, you will be more aware of what you want or not, but you will have the audacity to explore even situations that do not correspond a priori to what you want. This opens the doors of the unusual and the discovery. Extending your horizons is a necessity, just as much as strengthening your individuality. What a challenge!

As a couple, passion will redouble and so much the better. You will want to commit yourself thoroughly and swear fidelity ad vitam aeternam. The trouble is that you will also be jealous and possessive. Your partner will be taken aback by so much suspicion. Expect, then, in spite of your fine sentiments, at an eventful period when you will be obliged to appeal to your reason!

You will feel very excited! Be careful, you may blow the fuses! At work, the new rules you have managed to impose will allow you to take a big step forward. Stay alert, we will try to set up barriers in front of you, to test your tolerance. If a word burns your tongue, let it go but beware of the return of flames!

You risk making unnecessary expenses throughout this period. Jupiter in appearance with Mars will give you the madness of grandeur. If you had managed to make some savings, they could melt like snow in the sun. Yet, you will succeed in buckling the loop. Do not be surprised if the next few weeks are harder. So warned, you can certainly balance your follies.

1st decan: March from 8 February will be particularly aggressive in the family environment. Attention to extreme situations and disputes … The general atmosphere will be rather electric and the slightest word or attitude could take disproportionate proportions … Be zen and let the storm pass because everything should return in order in the last part of the month . 2nd decan: A nice and pleasant train without storms or storms … This is what awaits you in this quite peaceful period that does not represent obstacles to a good family relationship … Unless there are contrary clues to your personal theme! 3rd Decan: Everything seems to unfold as you wish with the plethora of planets that seem to want you to be good! Love will take a very important place during this blooming period when harmony will reign! Family reunions will be very pleasant; Enjoy it to get closer to the people you love.