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Chinese New Year Horoscope

The new year of the Chinese calendar begins on February 5 and ends in 2019 on February 21st. New Year is the most important traditional Chinese celebration that lasts for 15 days, pleine Lune astrologie .

The year of the Pig will be, say astrologers, one of the strong energies and of the rare moments, with the hopeless hopes, accomplishments and joy that we will remember all our life. It is only up to us to use the opportunities that we will have and to turn our work into benefits.

The two-week holiday begins on the first day of the first month of the Chinese calendar and ends with the Lampion Festival, which takes place on the fifteenth day. Preparations begin, however, a month before. People buy gifts, furnishings, food and clothes, clean the houses to get rid of bad luck, and paint the windows and doors, usually in red, again. Then, they are decorated with red paper strips (Chun Lian), on which there are various wishes for happiness, prosperity and long life.

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50 million Chinese outside the country

On New Year’s Eve, the Chinese strictly adhere to a few traditions: Seafood and dumplings are served at dinner, and clothing must be red because it is believed to cast off evil spirits. On the New Year’s Day there is another habit called the Red Envelope: the married ones give unpaid children and adults money in red envelopes, then the family goes to congratulate relatives and neighbors. Just as in the West, the Chinese New Year, the old quarrels must be forgotten.

Of the more than 1.383 billion Chinese people, more than 50 million live outside the country. According to Wikipedia, the most recent are in Thailand (9.3 million), Malaysia (6.5 million) and the US (4.9 million). In fact, in the United States, San Francisco, one of the largest Chinese New Year parades outside China will be held, the second being in London (about 500,000 Chinese live in England).


2019 will be a good year for Rats native, better than the one that has passed. They will not have unimaginable progress, but they will be moderate and important. Success will depend on everyone’s devotion, work and the desire to do something. In the second half of the year, for the rat things will go even better.

Beware of problems that may occur unexpectedly. The zodiac sign stands this year under a few negative stars. In love, the rat who is not engaged in a serious relationship can have an interesting year. Those who have a family can take care that their relationship works even better. In terms of money and careers, the rat must maintain a good relationship at work, not to suffer from grandmother to attract tensions and conflicts at work. Health is a Rat Strength, this year. The body reacts well in the face of problems to keep a balance. THE BEST MONTHS OF THE YEAR FOR THE Rat: January, February, March, July and December.


The new year is a challenge for Bivol. This is due to the fact that Oaia (Capra) is the eighth sign in the Chinese zodiac and opposes the Bivol, which is in the second position. It can be a tricky year for some natives. In Chinese philosophy it is said that when the heads meet, what is negative can be turned into something positive.

The buffalo must follow the course of events, with hope and with a positive mood. The final results will be in their favor. They should not be discouraged for minor obstacles. In love, buffaloes will have a greater magnetism than usual. Problems may arise due to excess. Marriage and family life are well protected.

The ox succeeds in the career and money, intelligence and performance, but also discretion. Situations that at one point seem negative can turn into some positive, just when you expect less. This year health must be a priority. The buffalo needs a healthy life that encompasses both physical and mental activities.
BEST MONTHS OF THE YEAR FOR Ox: April, August, September, October, November and December.


At first glance, the energies of the Tiger and those of the Goat do not combine. The goat is related to a peaceful development of life in which extremes are avoided, while the Tiger has a predisposition towards challenges and a radical approach to life, so they will have the impression that everything is moving slowly and uninterestingly. They will eventually realize that things are not so. The Year of the Goat is a constructive one for natives. Friends will be almost if you ask for help. Money set aside for worse days will prove to be a good act. In love, the Tiger will do well. He’ll be happy.

It will have a marriage, the celibate, and those already married will enjoy family harmony. At work there are chances of promotion. Tiger has the ability to handle difficult situations and keep them under control. If any business or project does not have solid bases should not get involved, there is a risk of collapse. Investing at risk is avoided. With health, the Tiger has no problems. They have good luck in this chapter and manage to bypass natural problems. THE BEST MONTH OF THE YEAR FOR TIGER: February, March, June and November.


The Year of the Heart of the Wood or the Sheep is favorable for the natives of the Rabbit. With little effort they will miss the best opportunities for them. Take advantage of opportunities. Luck will not be delayed, and this has a positive impact on their psyche. With discipline there will be achievements and changes for the better. Rabbits will be rewarded for the good they have done to their peers until now. A year with rewards of all kinds. In love, the Rabbit needs to focus on what they have next to, instead of running for something new. In terms of career and money, Rabbits are doing well. They will have a good year with new projects and business.

They have a strong character and a developed ability to keep the enemies away. It is a good year for investments and transactions. They have a good intuition in business. Rabbit’s health is generally good, but that does not mean that they are protected from possible accidents, especially water related.


The dragon has the stars on his side, all favorable. He can overcome obstacles and impose his will. They need discretion and they are in a permanent alert. They have to finish the things they started. In love, the Dragons feel the need for attention from the opposite sex. They need someone next to express their affection.

Dragons will have successful career this year, just to keep their limits. Whoever now makes certain concessions will also reap the fruits. Dragons are considered wise, and this only attracts financial successes. Pay attention to spending, so as not to go down to the end of the year. With little effort, the Dragons will maintain a good health, following, of course, the basic principles of a healthy life. THE BEST MONTHS OF THE YEAR FOR THE DRAGON: February, May, August and November.


For the Snake, the Year of the Wood Goat will be better than the one before. They will have past problems and obstacles, but they will succeed. The road to success and happiness is linked to an attitude focused on fulfilling its own tasks, solving problems, and avoiding to interfere in others’ affairs. Be alert to criticism in order not to be misinterpreted. There is the possibility of a journey that can change your life in a positive way. All that means contact with foreigners should be seen as a positive thing and welcomed with open arms. Year 2019 will be a year of personal cultivation, but also of relationships with others that can be of help in the future. The snake should not have great expectations in love.

If there is anything on the horizon it will happen spontaneously. Relationships with other people, married, friends, family, will be in harmony. The emerging tensions should be resolved immediately. The snake should follow a conservative and defensive career strategy and consider conquering new territories.

There will be progress and positive things, especially due to destiny and luck, not because of the efforts made. 2019 is not a year favorable to initiatives and new projects unless they are somewhat connected with foreign affairs. In terms of money, if the Serpent chose to live a normal life, where monthly incomes are higher than spending, there will be no problems. When the balance is lost, when there are high investment temptations, then problems arise. With the health, the Snake is fine. I can take advantage of my physical and mental well-being.

In general, sheep (sheep) are good for those born in the year of the Pig (Pig). Both have earthly branches that create harmony. In 2019, however, there are some malignant stars that lead to less optimistic predictions. These could be the basis for the problems. They have the power to overcome obstacles and win against opponents, managing to achieve their goals. The wild boar will experience professional change, expansion, knowledge. 2019 will not be a bad one, because it will be full of creativity and hope, opportunities and plans for the future. In love, natives have a predisposition to conflict. If you know how to solve the problems, it will not get to serious moments. The lonely ones will know harmony to a form of a beautiful sentimental relationship that can change everything. Despite the difficulties that may arise in the career and money chapter, predictions say the results will be favorable, even winning. You do not have to rush in making decisions, analyze cold situations before deciding something. You are also mindful of this year’s enemies that do not really look, but which is harder to fight. Balanced money management will be the key to success. In terms of health, small problems may come from the sphere of intense emotions, inner tensions. Fighting stress and a balanced life keep your body and mind in shape.

Latest Nostradamus predictions for 2018

Nostradamus’s prophecies do not circumvent the year 2018. Nostradamus was born in Saint Rémy de Provence in southern France on December 14, 1503, and was a famous physician, cabalist and French pharmacist, and his celebrity was due to the work “Les Propheties” The first edition appeared in 1555. The works of Nostradamus are made from the doines.

In his prophecies, Nostradamus claims that by 2020 all people will die, and in Europe there will appear a “satanic arc of anger,” a time machine, this “satanic arc” being the Great Gene Accelerator in Geneva Collider-LHC) or ballistic missiles. Also, check the website nostradamus2018.com and read about the psychic world prophecy 2018 in detail.

In 1555, physician and renaissance humanist Michel de Nostredame shook the world with the publication of the first edition of his book Les Prophéties, containing a series of predictions in the form of ” Today, almost 70% of his visions are believed to have been verified in practice, including those related to four-century events since his death in 1566.

Napoleon, Hitler, or even Kennedy were decoded as characters of fateful catastrophes, while events such as annihilation, World War II, or Sept. 11, 2001 seem to have been intrigued by this formidable clairvoyant.

The “Apocalypse” of the Russian monk Rasputin also passed. He announced, in 1914, that the end of the world would be 23 August 2018. Some are amused, but others take seriously the predictions about the end of the world.

In anticipation of the cataclysm predicted by the Mayans on December 21, 2012, 4 billion dollars have been spent on the entire planet: bunkers, talismans, survival kits.

In our opinion, according to a poll conducted by the Romanian Institute for Evaluation and Strategy, almost 50% of Romanians think there will be an end of the world in the future, and 72% believe in the Last Judgment.

Here are some other predictions that have been made for this year and next, but it is not excluded that others will appear, as realitatea.net notes.

Nostradamus: 2018 will begin the Third World War

In Nostradamus’ predictions, the renowned French physician and pharmacist who wrote the prophecies and predicted great events in the world, are grabbing many dangers in 2018.

Interpreters of his works claim that he had visions that 2018 marks the start of World War III and four presidents will be assaulted at the same time.

According to Nostradamus, the war will take place until 2016, and an apocalyptic scenario will dominate the entire Mankind, which eventually ends up in self-destruction.

Scandinavian mythology and the end of the world

Also in 2018, according to Scandinavian mythology, some researchers have announced that Ragnarok, Judgment Day or Curiosity will take place, the last battle of gods and monsters, during which the current world will be perishing.

Brotherhood members of the Brotherhood of God believe that a new “Revelation” will come in four years. The prediction was made as soon as it was found that the Earth is still spinning despite the end of the Mayan calendar, writes thesun.com.

Brotherhood members are firmly convinced that the end of the world will come in 2017 because, they say, Archangel Gabriel confessed this.

Only the members of this brother will survive and will have to repopulate the planet, says The Sun. “All the rest will perish in the fires of Hell.”

Before 2038. Greenpeace predicts massive famine as a result of uncontrolled population growth. The Environmental Association has warned that polar ice caps will melt, and floods that follow will cause massive destruction.

Thousands of plant and animal species will be extinct in2060

Sir Isaac Newton, a scientist in the United Kingdom, analyzed the Bible for 50 years because he believed that there are secret laws of God for the universe.

He believed that the end of the world would happen in 2060, his contemporaries said.

However, there are no Newton papers in which a study conclusion is mentioned.